We design, communicate and publish.

Your ideas and stories need to be told. We have the know-how and expertise to help you engage your audience in the most effective and articulate way possible.

We help companies conceptualise and develop creative artworks, advertisements as well as marketing and promotional materials.

We have a team of expert writers and designers to create well-researched, high-quality content for your target audience.

Our team of resourceful and highly-motivated sales professionals ensure that we target the right companies and maximise your advertisement revenue.

Bold Ink is the perfect communication partner to facilitate the engagement between you, your target audience and the media.

We are focused on creating compelling content to drive our customers’ marketing and communications messages

We help organisations and businesses develop or enhance their channels of communications. We always put the customer first, helping them accomplish their goals through well-thought-out marketing collaterals and publications.


About Us

Bold Ink was set up by two dynamic individuals, Jacqueline Wong and Jasmin Oh, who have a combined experience of more than 18 years in publishing as well as branding and promotions.

The partners have worked with established corporations, for instance, Magazines Incorporated, Singapore Press Holdings, BIC Asia and Ernst & Young. In their past and current capacities, they have managed a stable of titles across the region and the local market.

Today, the duo continues to do what they do best; publishing magazines that have great content and design, as well as helping companies capture their target audience, enhance their visibility in the market place and deliver marketing messages that stand out from the media clutter.


Jacqueline Wong

Director and Founder


Jasmin Oh

Director and Founder

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